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My name is Fenella Ross-Elmer and I have been a Photographer for over 20 years,  initially I first used photography in my Art work when I was studying at Glasgow School of Art for my Fine Art Degree, a 4 year course of study in Fine Art Printmaking. I was keen to explore the use of photographic techniques in my work and produced various studies from Nude Photography, subtle glimpses of the human form, shadowed and often with areas of complete dark, moody yet sensitive poses turned into printed forms on textured and painted papers.

I continued to use photography, mainly to gather ideas and resources for making art work, recording landscapes when I was unable to draw directly from the scene, and naturally as a mother I continually took shots of my children, and was drawn to those with tonal differences and shadows creating mood, or natural daylight and dappled sunlight shining through leaves.

As an Art, Design and Photography Teacher I have been able to continue to explore Photography with students, albeit a new and exciting immediate form of capturing images in Digital format, rather than in Film format, Introducing and Teaching Photography to “A” Level students. I was keen to take some time out to develop my skills in this area, aware that I had a “good eye” as an artist and hoping it translated to composing good, strong images in Photographic form, where landscape was dramatic and unpredictable and the human form was still a first love. 

My passion for the human form has not diminished and my compositional skills are beneficial, understanding how best to capture others, Whatever the requirement of my clients.

My living  forms portfolio captures Wedding, Engagement, Newborn, Family, Couples and Portrait.

I am keen to explore new and original ideas when capturing a face, a moment in mood, a stance, enjoying the interaction with my subjects, translating their ideas and desires into a tangible memory. It’s not always necessary to plan for studio shoots, sometimes it’s important to capture people in environments which matter to them, a place of comfort, a favourite garden or room, a special spot, and wherever possible candid shots of children and adults can be exciting and original, this being a feature I build in to my Lifestyle shoots.

Working in the studio can be exciting and creates cleaner and more controlled imagery, however these can also be challenging and personal shoots, where subjects may wish to include personal items and consider their clothing and which lighting may best suit their desires for that special and timeless capture.

Name: Fenella Ross-Elmer

E-mail: fenellarossphotography@gmail.co.uk

Tel No's: Mobile: 07957 381933/ Home: 01622 661099

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